Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the URL for the accelerator LMS?
Where do I log in?

Here is the link: You can also log in via the main LMS website by clicking on Accelerator Course which will re-route you to a login page.

How do I reset my password to the LMS?

Here is the link: You can also email the Her Corner admin team at and they will be able to manually reset your password.

I lost the LMS tutorial video - can you resend?
What is Messenger?

Messenger is the platform Accelerator members communicate with their cohort and facilitator. The official name of the platform is Mighty Network.

How do I log in to Messenger?

New accelerator members can either be manually invited to Messenger by a host or they can set up their own account and request to join. The link to access our messenger is right here:

How and where do I load homework in Messenger?

Under “Articles”. See screencast for more info.

I'm unclear on what homework needs to be uploaded to Messenger.

You do NOT have to upload any of your worksheets or financials. ONLY your powerpoint. The idea is that your PPTs will then all be in the messenger so that they’re easy to find them later! And easy for your facilitator to find too.

If you prefer, you can always email the PPT to your facilitator directly. Thanks!

Who can see my homework that I upload?

Members of your cohort and your facilitator.

How do I change my profile icon in Messenger?

Click on the circle icon representing your profile >> view profile >> edit >> update your picture >> save.

The interactive PDF's are not working!

What program are you using to open it? As we state in the modules, worksheet templates are provided to you in 2 formats. One where you can print and complete by hand, the second where you can work on the template electronically. In order to use second format you need to view the pdf in Adobe Reader to enjoy the interactive elements.