Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I login to the LMS?

​There are technically two ways to login. You can ​visit this link​ which takes you directly to the login page OR you can visit the ​LMS homepage​ and then click on Accelerator Course which will lead you to the login page.

How do I reset my password to the LMS?

Try this link​ (and don’t forget to check your inbox, including your spam folder, for reset instructions)! Still no luck? Email ​​ and they will manually reset it for you.

I know I can email my facilitator directly, but how do I communicate with my cohort?
Great question! Your cohorts individual contact info can be found under Meet My Class on the LMS. Your facilitator will also be setting up a group text string so that your cohort can easily communicate in between meetings.
Where do I send my homework?
The only thing you need to submit prior to your session is your PowerPoint (PPT) presentations. Those can be emailed directly to your facilitator.
How do I use the interactive PDFs?

​Worksheet templates are provided to you in 2 formats. The “Printable” PDF can be printed out and written on with pen/pencil. The “Digital Interactive” PDF needs to be downloaded, saved and then opened in Adobe Reader to enjoy the interactive elements which will allow you to type on the document. ​Click here for a tutorial​.