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Accelerator Part 2:


Congratulations on completing Part 1 of the Accelerator Program!

We are so pleased with the amazing progress you have made over the last 6 months. We also appreciate the positive feedback you gave us when you completed the program evaluation at the end of Session 6. The feedback you gave us highlighted three areas where your group would like continued support. Those subjects are Operations, Financials, and Business Development.

The focus of Part 2 of the Accelerator program shifts more towards implementation and addressing challenges as they come up. You will notice that the PowerPoint now contains a slide titled, “What I Need Help With Right Now.” But this first session of Part Two will also focus on Operations/RACI.

You are, no doubt, beginning to realize that as your business grows, you need other people to take on roles and responsibilities that you once handled. Often we see business owners who become a bottleneck because they have not clearly delineated the roles and responsibilities for each member of their team. In this session we will walk you through how to think through the various projects you have and who needs to be Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed.

Start here:

Update your dashboard (and bring this with you to present) – Printable

Update your dashboard (and bring this with you to present) – Interactive Digital


Session 1 Powerpoint


Session 1

Materials to print/bring to class (not homework):

RACI – Printable

RACI – Interactive Digital